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If a plant is implementing an improvement plan for their Preventive Maintenance Training program and overall maintenance operation, there are implementation steps that must be followed in order to eliminate wasted time, wasted effort, eliminate negative employee attitudes, and most importantly wasted money. MST’s Maintenance Foundations Process Training creates and supports that plan.

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If you don’t know where you are going you will end up somewhere else. Yogi Berra

Our Implementation training services are effective because we focus on the following:

Master Plan

The Master Plan specifies the steps that are required to achieve your objectives, orders them into the correct sequence, and defines how the efforts will be coordinated.

Training and Guiding, Not Consulting

Our expert resources are there working shoulder to shoulder with your key staff to train them how to implement each step while providing field training, not examples, for your company


Flexible Scheduling

We are available to implement the training on whatever schedule works best for your site

Skill-Based Approach

MST is a technical training company and has over 30 years of experience in delivering technical training to manufacturing and we use those same successful processes to provide the Maintenance Foundations training.


In order to achieve sustainable improvement within the Maintenance Foundations implementation process the training has to be followed by immediate application of the skills or very mediocre results will be achieved.

The development of World Class Maintenance standards and processes requires investing considerable time and effort, but the results are worth the effort.

  • On-site Training to key personnel in areas of deficiency within the Maintenance Foundations Process
  • On-site assistance with re-structuring your PM Programs and Work Order systems
  • On-site assistance with Work Planning and Scheduling procedures
  • Implementation guidance on other aspects of your maintenance improvements