Training Implementation

Address your team’s skill gaps through targeted, hands-on, real world maintenance skills training.

MST training is highly effective because of the following:

Qualified Instructors

In addition to being highly experienced in their fields, our instructors must also follow our proven instructional process and are certified as trainers.

Scheduling Flexibility

Our team can train at your site or at a local site on your schedule – any time, any day, any shift.

Real World Focus

Our instructors will teach practical concepts and will relate it to your environment to help your employees apply their new maintenance skills.

Hands-On Activities

Wherever possible, MST uses training simulators with real world components to provide more practice opportunities for trainees.

We have over 25 years of experience in delivering unsurpassed industrial skills training.

Building Skills and Knowledge One Employee at a Time

Our instructional practices are consistent with adult learning principles. We focus on providing opportunities for self-direction in training, build upon the trainee’s prior experience to reinforce new concepts, relate the skills and knowledge being learned to the trainee’s current job, and focus on skills that can be immediately applied to the work setting.

Need a custom solution?

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Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. (MST) can enhance the performance of your industrial maintenance personnel by improving your maintenance employees’ technical skills through targeted training.