Industrial Mechanical Concepts Training Package

eMST’s Mechanical Concepts Training provides a complete mechanical training course from a subject matter expert with decades of experience. Whether you choose to schedule onsite training or utilize our curriculum and simulator package, our customized training will provide your employees with hands-on experience and a full understanding of mechanical concepts. Start your customized mechanical concepts training today!

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Our Industrial Mechanical Concepts Training Package Includes

Training Simulator (1)

Portable workstation with industrial, real world plant components

Matches perfectly to Lab Guide with step by step instructions

Folds up for easy storage

Non-skid rubber feet

Dimensions: 25.25″ x 13.5″ x 10.5″

Instructor Guide (1)

Lesson Plans: a complete guide for the instructor that clearly describes the learning objectives, materials needed, and topics to be covered for each of the sessions

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity

Post-test to assess student learning outcomes using measurable objectives

Student Profile Sheet

Lists all skills that must be attained by students before passing the course; provides a guide for all curriculum

Lab Guide (1)

Step-by-step instructions and pictures to support all activities that utilize the training simulator

Student Guides (2)

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: instructions for each hands-on activity

Standard Equipment

Lockout kit

Measuring instruments

Bearing kit

Seal kit

Gear pump and tubing kit

V-Belt installation kit

Chain and sprocket installation kit

Valve kit

Fittings kit

Piping components kit

Shaft alignment kit

Optional Tool Kit

3/8″ cordless drill, straight screwdriver, 4 oz. bal peen hammer, 10″ adjustable wrench, pry bar, utility knife, 5/32 pin punch, safety glasses, shop towels, 3-in-1 oil

Support Package

Email and phone support by qualified MST experts upon request

Training Programs

  • Session 1 - Precision Measurements

    Steel Rules, Micrometers, Verniers, Vernier Height and Depth Gauges, Mechanical Dial Instruments, Digital Instruments, Telescoping Gauges

  • Session 2 - Bearings

    Antifriction Bearings, Bearing Design, Mounting of Bearings, Ball and Roller Bearings, Specialized Bearings, Bearing Maintenance and Installation

  • Session 3 - Seals

    Function of Seals, Labyrinth Seals, Oil Seals, O-rings, Shaft Seal Installation, Sealing Requirements for Pumps, Mechanical Seals, Special Seals

  • Session 4 - Belt Drives

    Introduction to Belts, Important Terms and Definitions, Types of Belt Drives, Types of V-Belts, Sheaves and Pulleys, Belt Replacement, Tension Calculation of V-Belts, Job Completion Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Session 5 - Chain Drives

    History, Terminology, Safety, Codes and Standards, Chain Drives Versus Belt Drives, Chain Types Materials and Metric Incompatibility, Horizontal and Vertical Chain Drives, Sprockets, Chain Replacement, Maintenance

  • Session 6 - Gears and Gear Drives

    The History of Gears and Gear Drives, Definition of Gears, Codes and Standards, Gear Safety, Common Types of Gears, Open Gear Drives, Enclosed Gear Drives, Enclosed Gear Drive Configurations, Preventative Maintenance

  • Session 7 - Shaft Alignment and Couplings

    Importance of Shaft Alignment, Symptoms of Misalignment, Types of Misalignment, Preparation for Shaft Alignment, Shaft Alignment Methods, Installation of Non-Precision Shaft Couplings, Aligning Shaft Couplings, Precision Coupling Alignment, Reverse Indicator Method Using Graphing, Alignment of Multiple Machines, Laser Alignment, Shaft Couplings, Types of Couplings, Special Types of Couplings, Coupling Selection, Preventative Maintenance, Safety

  • Session 8 - Piping Systems and Fittings

    Piping Systems and Fittings, Codes Designs and Safety, Piping Maintenance, Piping Materials and Fittings, Tubing, Tubing Connections, Tubing Maintenance, Hoses

  • Session 9 - Introduction to Pumps

    History of Pumps and Pumping Systems, Types of Pumping Systems, Centrifugal Pumps, Specialized Centrifugal Pumps, Special Chemical Pumps, Turbine and Propeller Pumps, Flow Patterns, Special Propeller Pumps, Rotary Pumps, Reciprocating Pump Application and Parts, Metering Pumps

  • Session 10 - Preventive Maintenance

    The Need for Preventive Maintenance, Establishing Maintenance Routes, Steps in Planning a PM Program, Scheduling, Designing and Implementing a PM Program

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