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Skills Assessment

A valid skills assessment is a critical part of an effective training program and can tell you exactly where your employees are at and allow you to target skill deficiencies in training.

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Objectively measure your employees’ skills as it relates to the job.

MST skills assessments are effective for the following reasons:

Focused on Job-Specific Skills

MST skills assessments align specifically to the skills defined in our Job Task Analysis, and we test to the skills that were identified as being critical to your operation.


MST hands-on and written testing are developed to be objective. Our test proctors are fully trained on the process of administering our hands-on portions of the assessment to remove any chance of subjectivity in the assessment process.


Where appropriate, our skills assessments incorporate the use of industrial training simulators that can test actual hands-on skills within scenarios that are applicable to the job.


MST assesses both cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills. We use real world tools and simulators whenever possible to most accurately test the applicable skills.


Through skills assessment testing, we have found that over 60% of multi-craft maintenance employees do not even have the fundamental skills needed to be competent in the position.

Save time and money with valid skills assessments. With the information provided by the skills assessments, you will no longer send employees to unnecessary training or send employees to training where they do not have the prerequisite knowledge in order to grasp the skills being taught in an advanced class.

How MST Maintains Reliability in Our Assessment Process

  • Regularly reviewing the correlation between cognitive and psychomotor testing results
  • Aligning the key tasks of the Job Task Analysis to the skills assessed
  • Certification of test proctors to ensure consistency of methodology
  • Obtaining proctor feedback on all assessments to identify any areas of improvement