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MST strives to help clients assess and build the skills they need to keep their operation running at a state-of-the-art level.

All industrial training services are offered onsite, online, or blended.

Maintenance Skills Training Program

We provide the custom, real world, performance-based maintenance skills training that achieves real results.

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Job Task Analysis (JTA)

Surveys your most experienced maintenance technicians and maintenance supervisors to identify all required skill areas and tasks performed at your facility. Survey results will be used as a guide to develop a customized training curriculum for your facility.

Maintenance Skills
Assessment Test

Written or hands-on testing that aligns specifically to the skill areas defined in your JTA to determine the skill sets of your technicians. These assessments can be performed onsite or online.

Customized Training Courses

Training in one of our many industrial skill areas performed onsite at your plant. These courses are customized based on the results of your job task analysis, and are led by subject matter experts who have extensive plant-floor experience and are trained as instructors.

Operator Training

Multi-Skill Training Services (MST) offers a custom operator training program that can help improve the overall quality of your operation. Our fully customizable machine-specific operator training is based individually upon the duties and tasks required of your unique operators.

Discovery and Development

Development of a full training program targeted to the skills your operators need on a specific machine, technology, or process. Extensive interviews and observations are performed onsite, along with the capture of key video and pictures to support training development.

Operator Training

Classroom training and online training options, along with a cutting-edge online platform to both deploy and track training.

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Maintenance Management Foundations & Coaching

Is your operation struggling to implement an effective Preventive Maintenance (PM) training program? Do you need a total preventive maintenance management training program that is customized for YOUR operation?

Initial Audit

Provides an action plan to guide your maintenance department from current conditions to targeted positions.

Implementation Training

We implement alongside your key personnel our customized implementation training program developed specifically for your company.

Follow Up Audit

MST will conduct a Formal Assessment Audit to measure progress against the Baseline Performance Level starting 180 days following the last implementation training.

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Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. (MST) can enhance the performance of your industrial maintenance personnel by improving your maintenance employees’ technical skills through targeted training.