Utility Training

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Our Experience

MST has provided training programs for the Utility areas, including electricity generation, city water and wastewater systems, and natural gas. Our knowledge of utility companies and their specialized needs puts us at the forefront developing specialized testing and training programs for those technician positions.

Areas of Opportunity

Specialized tools lead to a specialized skill set outside of what is typically found within manufacturing. MST identifies those skill sets and tools and creates a program to address the training needs of those technicians.

Focus Points

MST focuses not only on the skill areas within the energy and utility departments, but also the specific tools that are used in these departments. Technicians being able to understand the technology behind the process and be able to apply that technology is key to a successful technician in these fields.

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Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. (MST) can enhance the performance of your industrial maintenance personnel by improving your maintenance employees’ technical skills through targeted training.