Industrial PLC Control Training Package

MST’s Industrial PLC Controls Training provides a complete programmable logic control course from a subject matter expert. Whether you choose to schedule onsite training or utilize our curriculum and simulator package, our customized training will provide your employees with hands-on experience and a full understanding of PLCs. Start your customized programmable logic controls training today!

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Our Industrial PLC Control Training Package Includes

Instructor Guide

Lesson Plans: a complete guide for the instructor that clearly describes the learning objectives, materials needed, and topics to be covered for each of the sessions

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity

Student Profile Sheet

List all skills that must be attained by students before passing the course; provides a guide for all curriculum

Lab Guide (1)

Step-by-step instructions and pictures to support all hands-on activities

Student Guide (2)

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity

Tools and Components

All tools and materials needed to facilitate each session

Support Package

Email and phone support by qualified MST experts upon request

Training Programs

  • Session 1 - Introduction to PLCs

    Definition and Key Terms, Advantages and Benefits, PLC Components, Operation of PLCs, Operation Modifications of PLCs, Computers Versus PLCs, Applications and Sizes of PLCs, Number Codes and Systems

  • Session 2 - PLC Hardware

    Central Processing Units (CPU), Memory Design and Types, Programming Terminal Devices, Data Recording and Retrieval, Input/Output (I/O) of a PLC, Discrete I/O Modules, Special I/O Modules, I/O Specifications

  • Session 3 - Programming Basics

    Hardwired Logic Versus Programmed Logic, Processor Memory Organization, Program Scan, Bit-Level Logic Instructions, Instruction Addressing, Branch Constructions, Internal Relay Instructions, Programming Examine-If-Closed and Examine-If Open Instructions, Entering the Ladder Program, PLC Programming Software

  • Session 4 - Circuit Conversions

    Seal-In Circuits, Electrical Interlocking Circuits, Latching Relays, Converting Relay Schematics into PLC Ladder Programs, Ladder Logic Program and Narrative Description, Program Editing and Commissioning

  • Session 5 - Programming Timers

    Mechanical Timing Relays, Timer Instruction and Commands, On-Delay Timer Instructions, Off-Delay Timer Instructions, Retentive Timers, Cascading Timers and Reciprocating Timers

  • Session 6 - Programming Counters

    Counter Instructions, Up-Counters, Down-Counters, Cascading Counters, Incremental Encoder-Counter Applications, Combining Counter and Timer Functions, High-Speed Counters

  • Session 7 - Data Manipulation

    Data Manipulation Instructions, Data Transfer Operations, Data Compare Instructions, Data Manipulation Programs

  • Session 8 - Math Instructions

    Basic Mathematical Instructions, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, The Modulo Instruction, File Arithmetic Operations

  • Session 9 - Program Control Instructions

    Program Control, Master Control Reset Instructions, Jump Instruction, Subroutines, Immediate Input and Immediate Output Instructions, Forcing External (I/O) Addresses, Safety Circuitry, Selectable Timed Interrupt, Fault Routine, Temporary End Instruction, Suspend Instruction

  • Session 10 - Installation & Troubleshooting of the PLC System

    PLC Enclosures, Grounding, Voltage Variations and Surges, Preventive Maintenance, Input Malfunctions, Output Malfunctions

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