Industrial Pneumatics Training Package

MST’s Industrial Pneumatic Controls Training provides a complete industrial pneumatics training course from a subject matter expert. Whether you choose to schedule onsite training or utilize our curriculum and simulator package, our customized solution will provide your emloyees with comprehensive pneumatic controls training and experience. Schedule your pneumatic controls training today!

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Our Industrial Pneumatics Training Package Includes

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Instructor Guide (1)

Lesson Plans: a complete guide for the instructor that clearly describes the learning objectives, materials needed, and topics to be covered for each of the sessions

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity

Student Profile Sheet

Lists all skills that must be attained by students before passing the course; provides a guide for all curriculum

Lab Guide (1)

Step-by-step instructions and pictures to support all hands-on activities

Student Guide (2)

Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity

Tools and Components

All tools and materials needed to facilitate each session

Support Package

Email and phone support by qualified MST experts upon request

Training Programs

  • Session 1 - Pneumatic Piping Systems

    Piping Requirements, Airflow, Piping Materials, Metallic Tubing, Tube Fittings, Tubing Installations, Flexible Piping, Hoses, Hose Fittings, Quick-Disconnect Couplings

  • Session 2 - Manual Valves I

    Valves, Valve Construction, Valve Sizes, Valve Functions, Types of Industrial Valves, Valve Applications, Valve Maintenance

  • Session 3 - Pneumatic Filters, Strainers, and Lubricators

    Methods of Treatment, Contaminant Filtration, Filter Classification and Rating, Types of Media, Surface Filters, Depth Filters, Adsorption Filters, Lubricating the Air, Pneumatic Pressure Line Accessories

  • Session 4 - Pneumatic Diagrams

    Types of Symbols, Construction of Schematic Symbols, Diagramming an Air-Supply System, A Simple System Schematic, Timing Circuits, Safety Circuits, Special Device Symbols, Pneumatic Die-Cut Control System Schematic

  • Session 5 - Pressure Regulators and Safety Valves

    Safety Valves, Relief Valves, Relief Valve Construction, Pressure Regulators, Regulator Modifications, Pop Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valve Installation and Repair, Quick-opening Valves

  • Session 6 - Pneumatic Directional and Control Valves

    Methods of Identification for Control Valves, Automatically Operated Valves, Two-Way Valves, Three-Way Valves, Four-Way Valves, Five-Way Valves, Control Valve Elements

  • Session 7 - Pneumatic Single-and Double-Acting Cylinders

    Double-Acting Cylinders, Single-Acting Cylinders, Cylinder Types, Rotary Actuators, Cylinder Styles, Rod Packings, Cylinder Mounting, Cushioning, Cylinder Installation

  • Session 8 - Flow Control Valves

    Orifice and Orifice Sizing, Sandwich Flow Controls and Accuracy, Flow Control Placement for Single-Acting Application, Speed Control of a Double-Acting Cylinder, Multiple Speed Controls, Pneumatic Flow Control Problems, Quick Exhaust Valves, Noise of Expanding Air, Silencers/mufflers

  • Session 9 - Pressure and Temperature Gauges

    Types and Functions of Gauges, Bourdon Tube Gauge, Bellows Gauge, Plunger Gauge, Needle Type Air Pressure Gauge, Selection and Application of Gauges, Temperature, Installation, Operation, Gauge Replacement, Dampening Devices, Temperature Gauge, Bimetallic Gauge, Flow Meters, Rotating Unions

  • Session 10 - Pneumatic System Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Procedures, Locating and Solving Problems, Operations Manual, Checking the Air Supply, Troubleshooting the Actuator, Checking the Control Valve, Checking the Control Valve Actuator, Checking Sequence Valves, Checking Master Control Valves, Checking Interlocks, Final Adjustments, Air Leaks

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