Establish a baseline and build a foundation for improvement with our Preventive Maintenance Training program’s Initial Audit. Our audit provides an action plan to guide your maintenance department from current conditions to targeted positions.

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File: Work Order Systems

Managing work orders that document work to be done on each machine

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Developing and Implementing Inspection, Lubrication, and Planned Replacement tasks

Material Support & Control

Ensuring that the correct parts and quantities are in stock and are complete


Ensuring that the techs have the skills and knowledge to complete the required service work orders

Work Measurement

Measuring duration and expectations for each step of the service

Equipment History

Improving decision making and Root Cause Analysis by providing a service history that includes parts replaced and device condition


Developing, issuing, and tracking the key components of a Maintenance Operation

Scheduling and Coordination

Balancing workload over time and determining when the work can be performed, who is available and capable of doing the work, and amount of backlog

Work Planning

Ensuring that procedures are in place and followed for complex work with multiple steps

Management Reporting & Control

Enabling active monitoring in KPIs to allow informed management decisions

Maintenance Organization

Ensuring that the workforce is staffed and scheduled correctly and that all vital functions are being performed competently

Financial Management and Control

Ensuring that there are systems in place to track the spending to enable accurate budget management and controlling of contractor costs

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there – Lewis Carroll
Let us provide the map to guide your maintenance department to World Class excellence.

An Initial Audit is critical for the following reasons:

Establishes a Baseline

Collection of reports, KPIs, documentation of processes and observations and discussions with key personnel to document the 12 focus elements, resulting in a Baseline Performance Level Matrix summarized in our thorough Gap Analysis Report

Provides a Linear Path for Improvement

Results in a clear action plan that addresses your organization’s gaps, the majority of World Class Maintenance implementations fail due to the lack of a plan


Prioritizes Action Items Based on ROI

Enables your organization to focus on those items with the greatest return

Exposes Any Obstacles

Helps to identify any systemic or resistance areas that will hinder your journey to a World Class Maintenance Organization; Is the staff and facility requirements in place to implement World Class Maintenance in the facility?


One Key Element to becoming a World Class Maintenance Organization is to have an effective Computerized Maintenance Management System. MST has extensive experience in working with many types of CMMS Software. An effective system should have all the tools you need for your World Class Maintenance operation but still be responsive and easy to use. As part of our services, MST will advise clients on CMMS selection or optimization.

World Class Maintenance is a journey, not a destination; a process, not a product.

5 levels of Maintenance Operations


Excellent performance in all Key Elements; reliability-centered maintenance; equipment ownership, self-motivation, operator participation in PMs


Strong systems and procedures in place and working: planning, scheduling, predictive maintenance, equipment history, maintenance engineering


Solid basis exists: numerous systems and procedures in place and working to some extent; work order system, preventive maintenance


Basic systems in place: Lubrication, good housekeeping, considerable daily “fire-fighting”


Primarily operates in “fire-fighting” mode; few if any systems / procedures in place

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