Training Simulators & Curriculum

Our industrial maintenance training packages include everything that your in-house trainers need in order to administer world-class level training.

MST has used its decades of industrial maintenance training experience to provide simulators and curriculum that will prepare your employees for real-world situations. This solution empowers your company’s trainers to fully customize an industrial training package that works for you and your employees. All instructor guides, simulators, and training materials are included.

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Electrical Power

MST’s Electrical Power class is the starting point for working with industrial electricity, mastering electrical safety, electrical meters, series and parallel circuits, and proper electrical terminations over four sessions. Following this lineup, the class dives into more fundamental work to cover 3-phase electricity and industrial motors. For industrial engines, trainees are taught proper use and troubleshooting best practices.

Mechanical Concepts

Building on the Maintenance Fundamentals course, our Mechanical Concepts class is the next step in the Mechanical training process.Training sessions in the Mechanical Concepts class include Precision Measurements, Bearings and Seals, and proper installation techniques for Belts and Sheaves, Chains and Sprockets, and Drive Couplings.

Electrical Controls

Picking up where the Electrical Power class left off, Electrical Controls builds upon electrical knowledge fundamentals. This basic understanding is used to expand the technician’s electrical knowledge to include troubleshooting industrial electrical schematics and electrical components typically found in an industrial environment. These components consist of pushbuttons, selector switches, relays, timers, and sensing components, including photoelectrical and proximity switches.

Pneumatic Controls

A fusion of mechanical and electrical principles, the Pneumatics Controls class combines the lessons from our Mechanical Concepts and Electrical Controls classes. This class focuses on industrial pneumatic troubleshooting using pneumatic schematics and typical industrial pneumatic components such as pneumatic filters, regulators, lubricators, solenoids, and various types of air cylinders with electrical feedback.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

The Programmable Logic Controller class was created to develop PLC troubleshooting skills for technicians. Focusing on input/output (I/O) wiring along with typical I/O failures, this class incorporates PLC monitoring to troubleshoot failure issues through a complete understanding of PLC instructions and their application within the program. Trainees will learn valuable skills such as online access, forcing, uploading, and downloading in a classroom environment.

Analog Controls

For the instrument technician, we’ve thoughtfully developed the Analog Controls class. This class addresses industrial methods of measuring temperature, pressure, level, and flow. Sessions on PID control take a fundamental approach to the parameters associated with this type of control with real-world guidelines to setting the P, the I, and the D. This course wraps up with a comprehensive application of final control elements including I/P, analog solid-state relays, and variable frequency drives.

Maintenance Training Classes

Maintenance Fundamentals

Covering the essential responsibilities of maintenance technicians and more, our Maintenance Fundamentals class includes industrial safety, basic math and measurements, blueprint reading, hand and power tools, and even extends to more advanced equipment such as drill presses and horizontal band saws.


With decades of experience in industrial training solutions, MST now offers comprehensive LOTO training, an important aspect of workplace safety in industrial settings. Proper LOTO safety can prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities, and our simulator board and training content ensure students get the hands-on experience they need. Learn more about the benefits of LOTO […]

Our Industrial Maintenance Training Programs Feature

(Except for Maintenance Fundamentals)

  • Portable workstations with industrial, real-world plant components

  • Match perfectly to Lab Guide with step-by-step instructions

  • Fold up for easy storage

  • Non-skid rubber feet

  • Dimensions provided on each product page


  • Lists all skills that must be attained by students before passing the course; provides a guide for all curriculum


  • Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session

  • Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity


  • Lesson plans with introductions, learning objectives, and comprehensive subject matter content

  • Quizzes that match the learning objectives

  • Hands-on exercises with material lists and step-by-step instructions


  • Step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on how to administer all hands-on exercises that utilize the simulator

Programs Developed Over 27 Years of Training

Through constant improvement, we have achieved the following in our industrial maintenance training programs:

  • The right mix of instructor presentation and hands-on exercises

  • Continually building on skills learned as lessons progress

  • Hands-on exercises that are organized to achieve as much as possible during a session

  • Fully customizable training programs such as Maintenance Skills Training, Operator Training, and Maintenance Management Training.

Our Industrial Maintenance Training Packages are a by-product of the training courses that we have implemented since our company’s inception. Using a strict quality control process, we use evaluations and feedback from both employees and management to make continuous improvements to our industrial maintenance training programs.

This has resulted in a training solution that is very well organized and optimized for any instructor who is a subject matter expert in the technical skill area.

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