Maintenance Pay For Skill Programs

Pay For Skill Programs can help build a maintenance organization that rewards competence and encourages learning.

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Build a Valid, Well-Structured Program

Keys for a Successful Pay For Skills Program

Identify the Actual Skills Needed

The program must be based on skills that are are practical and actually needed by the facility.  A valid Job Task Analysis should be performed to provide a reliable foundation for the program.

Objectively Assess Individual Skills

Using a third-party proctor is key to ensuring objectivity.  Written and hands-on skills assessments should be based on the tasks as identified in the job task analysis. Test proctors should be experienced and fully trained on the process of administering objective hands-on assessments.

Balance Cognitive and Psychomotor Skills

Where appropriate, our skills assessments incorporate the use of industrial training simulators that can test actual hands-on skills within scenarios that are applicable to the job.

Be Transparent and Provide Clear Documentation

MST assesses both cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills. We use real world tools and simulators whenever possible to most accurately test the applicable skills.

Offer Opportunities for Growth

For the program to be meaningful and provide real incentive, upskilling opportunities should be readily available.  Periodic onsite skills training should be provided in order to give technicians the practice and coaching they need to develop real skills.


Through skills assessment testing, we have found that over 60% of multi-craft maintenance employees do not even have the fundamental skills needed to be competent in the position.

Save time and money with valid skills assessments. With the information provided by the skills assessments, you will no longer send employees to unnecessary training or send employees to training where they do not have the prerequisite knowledge in order to grasp the skills being taught in an advanced class.

How MST Maintains Reliability in Our Assessment Process

  • Regularly reviewing the correlation between cognitive and psychomotor testing results
  • Aligning the key tasks of the Job Task Analysis to the skills assessed
  • Certification of test proctors to ensure consistency of methodology
  • Obtaining proctor feedback on all assessments to identify any areas of improvement

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Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. (MST) can enhance the performance of your industrial maintenance personnel by improving your maintenance employees’ technical skills through targeted training.