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Multi-Skill Training Services (MST) offers a custom operator training program that can help improve the overall quality of your operation. Our fully customizable machine-specific operator training is based individually upon the duties and tasks required of your unique operators.

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Before we customize your machine operator training program, MST will visit your site to fully understand your operator training requirements. We then work within your own equipment manufacturers to help develop your custom operator training program and provide “train the trainer” sessions to help sustain the overall quality of the operator training program.

As technology, equipment, processes, and materials constantly change, operators must also stay current. Companies can only grow when the operators grow their skill levels as well. Benefits of adding machine operator training for your employees include:

  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • Less time needed for setups and changeovers
  • Fewer non-maintenance service calls
  • Reduced scrap rates

Machine operator training can also help reduce turnover and the impact that high turnover rates have on your company. MST offers a wide range of Industrial Maintenance Training Programs for your needs. To learn more about our industrial training services, you can schedule a free consultation call or contact us today.



Identifies the required skill sets operators need to perform their job tasks. Also provides a training curriculum and testing criteria.


Identifies the existing skill levels of each operator and the skill gaps. In addition, this assessment provides a foundation for each individual's training program.


Addresses and implements the customized training classes based on the results of the assessments, with customized content and training simulators.

Our Operator Training Program succeeds because of the following:


Our Operator Training Program is custom built specifically for each individual client’s needs.


Instead of a generalized training approach, MST Services focuses on the actual skills that are truly needed for that specific job and client.


MST Services Operator Training Program is made up of a thoroughly detailed 3-step process, which ensures the correct skills are identified and addressed for each individual operator.


We do not issue you a set of recommendations and then leave. MST Services is not a consulting company. We are on-site training professionals, who will lead, develop and coach your team from start to finish, to assure our client’s get the greatest positive impact for their organization.

Operators can be the difference maker in pushing your operation to higher productivity and lower downtime.

Operator Fundamentals

Develop training skills that are essential for a safe, efficient and incident free operation at your facility. In addition, operators learn how to properly use hand tools, develop Good Manufacturing Practices and computer skills, as well as basic math and measurements fundamentals.


Increase the efficiency, stability, value and flexibility of your operators across different machines and/or lines, as well as improving their understanding of the process. Invest in and improve the skills of your operators.

Preventative Maintenance

Beyond OEM documentation, operators can be trained to proactively monitor, identify and resolve issues with machinery and prevent unnecessary downtime, as well as production loss.

Communication Skills

Instill confidence in your operators through effective communications skills. Operators become proficient with direct and indirect communication skills, as well as informal writing and effective meeting skills.

Setups and Changeovers

Develop the necessary skills to reduce machine and equipment downtime, plus increase overall output and efficiency.

Industrial Safety

Operators will learn how to protect themselves and the company assets in the workplace by minimizing hazards, risks and accidents.


Develop the necessary skills to work well with co-workers and be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Become proficient at dividing up tasks so they are done by the most qualified operators.

Equipment Operations

Build the necessary skills needed to control equipment operations, learn how to monitor equipment with dials, gauges and other indicators, and understanding lockout/tagout requirements.

Quality Assurance

Operators will develop the skills necessary to fill out check sheets accurately and follow quality control procedures, record Statistical Process Control data, understand internal audits and the difference between internal & external customers.

How do you hire new operators at your facility? As part of the Job Task Analysis that is conducted for your plant, MST will provide an online entrance exam that can be used to test that applicants have the base skills and knowledge as required by your facility.

Minimizing the Costs of Turnover

Do you struggle with high turnover of operators? Having a structured training program for operators can minimize the costs as new operators are onboarded. New operators will more quickly learn the critical skills needed to be successful in the job and having been formally trained will be more likely to stay with the company.