MST Industrial Maintenance Training | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of our training?

MST comes to your site and offers hands-on maintenance skills training on your schedule. We utilize simulators which include real industrial components that your technicians use in your plant.

How do you help close skills gaps of maintenance technicians?

Our industrial training services include hands-on intensive, performance-based classroom training that is targeted to the tasks maintenance technicians perform on the floor.

How do we customize training for clients?

MST understands that our clients have different machinery and processes, which may result in different skills needed for their maintenance departments. Using our Job Task Analysis, we identify the most critical tasks that your maintenance technicians must perform, and then we use this information to determine what to include in your testing and training.

Do we offer online maintenance skills training?

MST believes that the best way to learn maintenance skills is in a hands-on environment with plenty of practice and coaching, but we do offer online maintenance skills training that can serve as a supplement and refresher to our hands-on training. We also offer online testing for convenient skills assessment.

What type of instructors teach your courses?

Our instructors are former maintenance technicians and managers who have demonstrated a mastery of the skills in their subject area and have the experience to relate the training to the floor. Most importantly, they have the mindset that allows them to coach and encourage your technicians. MST’s team of experts is what sets our industrial training services apart!

Do you offer tools to help our staff conduct training?

Yes, we offer training packages in all our maintenance skill areas that include simulators, a full training curriculum, and all the tools and support needed to administer the class. We also offer hands-on Train-the-Trainer sessions to best prepare your employees to be successful in administering the training. 

What industries do you work with?

Our instructors have experience working in a variety of industries, allowing MST to provide knowledge and targeted skills training for industries such as Food & Beverage, Paper, Chemical, Automotive, and Utility facilities and manufacturers.

If you are in the Food & Beverage industry, our trainers are uniquely equipped to implement an effective Preventive Maintenance (PM) training program and coach your team. Learn more about our Maintenance Management Training!

Do you offer vocational education?

Yes, our Multi-Skill Academy merges the gap between technical education and jobs. Our expert vocational skills training curriculum ensures that your students have the industrial maintenance skills needed for the real world. We equip vocational instructors with everything they need to conduct quality courses, including curriculum, simulators, and online supplemental content. Multi-Skill Academy serves all technical schools, institutions, and educators with a comprehensive vocational training program curated by our experts in the field.

Need a custom solution?

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Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. (MST) can enhance the performance of your industrial maintenance personnel by improving your maintenance employees’ technical skills through targeted training.