Industrial Training Showcase

You Are Invited To Our Grand Opening! Whether you are a long-time client, someone searching for the best way to train for the manufacturing industry, or just curious about MST, we invite you to our industrial training showcase on November 14 from 10 AM-4PM!   Cutting-Edge Industry Training Demonstrations We will be giving demonstrations of […]

Basic Maintenance Skills for Operators

Nowadays, it seems everyone is looking to hire and retain qualified candidates to fill multiple positions. For manufacturing facilities, one of their biggest struggles is the ability to hire experienced and qualified maintenance technicians. Most find this hiring task almost impossible to accomplish. Each year there seems to be fewer individuals from the younger workforce […]

The Importance of Effective Lockout / Tagout Training

Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) training is crucial in industrial settings as it ensures the safety of workers during equipment maintenance. By mitigating risks, LOTO training reduces downtime, saves costs associated with accidents, and ultimately prioritizes the well-being of workers while enhancing overall productivity and organizational reputation. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of […]

Your Electrical Training Questions Answered

No matter the size and scale of an operation, businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to maximize efficiency and reduce expenses. For electrical maintenance and troubleshooting, having high-quality electrical training information at your disposal allows you to check both boxes and fully optimize plant operations. Harnessing our resources and knowledge from over 30 years in business, […]

Come See Us at IPPE 2023!

We are looking forward to another year at IPPE and the many great conversations that it will bring! Be sure to come visit us at Booth #BC9424 to learn more about our offerings in maintenance management, maintenance skills, and machinery specific operator training. 

Help us welcome Jake Hildebrant to the MST team!

Jake brings knowledge and experience from both educational and industrial backgrounds, making him the perfect addition to Multi-Skill Training, as the Director of MST’s newest service, Multi-Skill Academy. We are excited to hit the road where we will be showcasing all that Multi-Skill Academy has to offer – in June for AETC in Mobile, AL, […]

Visit us at the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo!

For 30+ years Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. has helped our clients to improve the performance of their maintenance teams by providing maintenance management, maintenance skills, and machinery specific operator training to quickly improve the capabilities of your organization. We believe that the skills shortage in industrial trades is eroding the quality of the workforce skills […]

Hiring Maintenance Technicians To Fit Your Needs

Hiring maintenance technicians has become an increasingly difficult process. It’s challenging to find maintenance technicians who have undergone maintenance technician training and possess the skills and experience needed to effectively maintain your plant’s equipment and keep the lines running. Often, clients utilize traditional methods of interviewing and assessing maintenance technician candidates, such as oral interviews […]