Your Electrical Training Questions Answered

No matter the size and scale of an operation, businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to maximize efficiency and reduce expenses. For electrical maintenance and troubleshooting, having high-quality electrical training information at your disposal allows you to check both boxes and fully optimize plant operations. Harnessing our resources and knowledge from over 30 years in business, our electrical training FAQs will help you prevent unnecessary accidents and reduce expenses by addressing them at the source.


Electrical Training Information: Where Do I Start?

Most workplace accidents are due to a lack of proper knowledge and training. If you want to equip and protect your employees, the electrical training information provided by MST is a great place to start! Our electrical training courses are designed to meet the needs of any electrical maintenance environment. From the initial assessment to in-depth electrical courses, our training is tailor-made to your plant’s needs and environment. Experience hands-on practice and electrical training information with real-life plant components and troubleshooting scenarios.



Common Electrical Training Questions


Do all technicians take the same class?

Reaching maximum efficiency is the overarching goal of our electrical training, so we won’t waste your technicians’ time by making them sit through electrical training information they already know. Our online skills assessment identifies which technicians need basic training and which ones will benefit from more advanced troubleshooting courses.


What troubleshooting courses do you offer?

We offer two comprehensive courses customizable to your specific needs: Electrical Power and Electrical Controls. Electrical Power covers important electrical training information, like the basics of electricity. Taking a practical approach, we focus on the critical knowledge technicians need to do their job and engage them in real-world applications and scenarios. Building on electricity basics, Electrical Controls closely examines the skills needed to troubleshoot more complex issues.


What makes MST’s troubleshooting and trainings unique?

MST’s electrical training and troubleshooting courses are effective because they’re taught by experienced technicians who have been in your shoes before. With an average of 25 years of plant experience, each of our technicians is equipped to teach basic and advanced knowledge so your plant can operate at peak performance. One-on-one coaching ensures each technician gains the hands-on experience and electrical training information they need to succeed. Contact us for more information and a quote!


How Can I Provide Technicians With the Best Electrical Training Information and Resources?

The best way to keep workers safe and productive is by offering accessible, updated electrical training information. Specifically, the information presented to them must be relevant to the plant they work in. Our innovative assessments identify your technicians’ needs and baseline knowledge, creating personalized trainings aligned with actual tasks performed on the floor. Taught by one of our seasoned technicians, our troubleshooting courses provide the best electrical training information available with accurate terminology. To truly assess the necessary skills needed in your plant, our trainings are performance-based with simulated scenarios. Our training and troubleshooting courses are available in-person, online, and even in a hybrid solution for your convenience.


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