Basic Maintenance Skills for Operators

Nowadays, it seems everyone is looking to hire and retain qualified candidates to fill multiple positions. For manufacturing facilities, one of their biggest struggles is the ability to hire experienced and qualified maintenance technicians. Most find this hiring task almost impossible to accomplish. Each year there seems to be fewer individuals from the younger workforce interested in trade work and maintenance careers. As a result, the labor pool of qualified maintenance technicians with the right skill set and education continues to shrink. An individual with an understanding and knowledge of all the basic maintenance skills is in high demand and has a bright future.

Hiring Issues with Maintenance Personnel

Because of these challenges in hiring qualified and experienced maintenance personnel, a lot of times the hiring process to fill an open position takes much longer than anticipated. As a result, other employees get frustrated with the lack of help and end up quitting, causing the employer to face even bigger challenges and multiple vacancies. To avoid this, manufacturers are now looking from within their current employee workforce to possibly fill vacant maintenance technician positions. Group/Team Leaders, quality-minded production workers, mechanically inclined machine operators, and dedicated employees are just a few of the individuals being considered for these maintenance roles. Effective operator training is becoming even more important to equip employees for new roles.


New Maintenance Technician Training Program Builds Foundational Knowledge

To help address this issue, MST Services has developed a “Basic Maintenance Skills for Operators” training program that offers the clients the ability to select specific maintenance-related training sessions, making the training customized to each client’s needs. Individuals enrolled in the training program will learn basic skills and knowledge necessary in building a foundation of knowledge and help them become successful in the Maintenance field. The training includes ample hands-on exercises, as well as classroom training in each of the selected maintenance-related sessions.

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