Announcing Our Upgraded Mechanical Skills Training

MST has completed a rework of our Mechanical Concepts training simulator and curriculum package. These additions allow us to provide learners with even more relevant practice that targets key mechanical skills needed to maintain critical production processes and components.

Learning through our customer feedback and onsite work, we have improved our mechanical skills training in many key areas to address tasks commonly performed on the floor.

Why Did We Make These Changes?

We are continuously trying to improve our industrial maintenance training courses to find ways to be more applicable and effective in the time we have onsite. We learn from the experience of each class and try to incorporate those lessons into our courses. Feedback from trainees and managers is always considered.

What upgrades were made?

The new mechanical skills training curriculum further targets skills that are quickly transferable to the plant floor, including adding or improving the following:

  • Applying the skill of using precision measuring instruments to measure the play of a gearbox output shaft
  • Using manufacturer’s specifications to remove and install a press fit bearing on a shaft
  • Removing, installing, and protecting seals
  • Applying knowledge of proper belt tensioning to correctly install a new belt
  • Applying the concepts of offset and angular alignment and the skill of using a straightedge and dial indicator to complete shaft to shaft alignment
  • Understand the effects of intake and discharge restrictions on flow, pressure, and current draw by running and gear and centrifugal pump

We believe these mechanical maintenance training updates will make our courses even more applicable and beneficial to your operations.

How do we use our curriculum and training simulators?

MST offers two ways to take advantage of our newly improved mechanical skills training curriculum. The first is onsite training at your facility for your maintenance mechanics. This option provides an opportunity to gain hands-on practice on key skills and coaching for our experienced trainers. Technicians who complete this course must show that they can perform all objectives.

The new mechanical curriculum and simulators are also available as a training package to purchase. The curriculum includes detailed hands-on exercises and learning plans for each lesson and all of the tools and equipment needed for the instructor to facilitate an effective course.

Learn more about our Mechanical Concepts Training package, or contact us for a free quote!

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