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Chemical processing facilities have the potential for increased error and risk, resulting in accidents and costly mistakes. MST’s chemical process training proactively combats these issues with our customized solutions.

For more than 30 years, we have developed targeted training solutions that identify and fulfill the unique requirements for chemical plant and system operators. Here are some of the most common chemical process training questions we receive:


What Makes MST’s Chemical Process Training Unique?

MST develops customized maintenance training for the chemical processing industry and has provided onsite training and assessments for several large chemical processors. This training has helped technicians upgrade their skills and become better equipped to maintain crucial chemical processing equipment, such as pumps, tanks, valves, and piping, and the instrumentation and sensors used throughout the process. No two training programs are the same, and our team works with you to focus on the skills your operators need. 


How Does MST Customize Our Trainings?

We conduct custom skills assessments based on our job task analysis that can identify knowledge gaps that are required to perform critical tasks in the chemical processing industry. Maintenance technicians receive individual scoring reports, enabling you to develop and utilize your staff most efficiently. Onsite training will help to reduce downtime and minimize employee turnover. 


What Specific Skills Are Addressed in Chemical Process Training

Component-level training and foundational knowledge in key skill areas, such as Electrical Controls, Mechanical Concepts, PLCs, and Pneumatics, allow technicians to gain an understanding of how these systems and processes work. This enables our trainers to focus on hands-on activities, troubleshooting, and critical thinking skills in the intensive training sessions. We preface every training module with the respective safety and environmental aspects related to the peak operation of a chemical processing plant. 



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With over 30 years of experience, MST brings the maintenance skill training needed to improve your organization. Chemical processing facilities require a unique set of skills and training, which MST has mastered on every level. Each maintenance skills training course is led by one of our seasoned instructors. Our team is here to support you before, during, and after your training to ensure your facility’s operations are safe and efficient.


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