Multi-Skill Training Services Inc. is proud to announce that Lensey King will be working full-time as our MST Program Manager in Birmingham, Alabama. King’s experience as a highly accredited former Pinson Valley Industrial Maintenance E & I / CTE Instructor, Master Electrician, and Certified OSHA Instructor will continue to assist MST Services in attaining its goal of closing the industrial skills gap facing the workforce. King’s passion for student success has led him to this transition, and we hope to replicate that success through improving the skills of those already in the workforce.

Lensey has received many awards during his career at Pinson Valley High, including:

“I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to teach at Pinson Valley High School for the past five years. The support from Principal Michael Turner along with administration has been awesome. Not to mention the support of Bobby Jackson, Career and Technical Education Director, and staff. Having a chance to work with teachers who genuinely care for the students has been a highlight of my tenure, but more importantly the students who “got it”. The students who took advantage of the technical knowledge I presented and are now on a clear pathway to producing in the workforce while supporting themselves. The PVHS environment is prime for achievement, respect, and success. I know the students will continue to flourish and I expect great things from them.”
-Lensey King, Alabama Business Development Manager

“While meeting with Mr. King, his passion for the students and ensuring their success was very apparent. Student success is the foundation that MST services was built on, and one that convinced me that Lensey would be a great asset to our company. We are excited for Mr. King to partner with MST as the Alabama business development partner and for his continued success.”
-Steve Simmons, Founder and President of MST