Does your production facility experience costly unscheduled downtime?

Research has shown that nearly 80% of all unscheduled production downtime is preventable. In addition, most of this unnecessary machinery downtime is due to operator error caused by lack of knowledge. Investing in your production operators by providing them with the necessary machinery-specific training they need to be successful will have a direct and positive impact on your quality, efficiency, as well as monetary profits for your production facility.

Here is a professional 3-step process proven to drastically reduce unscheduled production machinery downtime:

1. Identify the specific production machine with the most unscheduled downtime. In addition, identify the disciplines, tasks, and skill levels required to successfully perform the operator job description assigned.

2. Develop a professional machinery-specific training program for the specific production machine with the excessive downtime. This training will include both cognitive and psychomotor training exercises to help build the knowledge and competency of the operators.

3. Using a highly experienced and professional instructor, deliver the Machinery-Specific Operator Training in person at the client’s facility. Completing the training will give the operators the technical skills & knowledge required to perform their job responsibilities effectively and efficiently. As a result, your production efficiencies and run times increase.

Tony Ericson

VP, Operator Excellence

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