Lensey King Partners with MST to Focus on Closing Workforce Skill Gaps

Multi-Skill Training Services Inc. is proud to announce that Lensey King will be working full-time as our MST Program Manager in Birmingham, Alabama. King’s experience as a highly accredited former Pinson Valley Industrial Maintenance E & I / CTE Instructor, Master Electrician, and Certified OSHA Instructor will continue to assist MST Services in attaining its […]

Food & Beverage Training: The Most Common Questions In The Food And Beverage Industry Today

How can food and beverage training become better and more efficient? Companies normally spend a lot of budget and focus on training their managerial and administrative employees, and often neglect the training needs of their frontline plant workers, including maintenance technicians and operators.  With today’s technology, blending learning solutions that allow a combination of remote […]

Online Food Manufacturer Entrance Exam

As President Trump orders meat processing plants to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis, the question is:   Where will the staffing come from to support these plants? Current challenges for the existing employees include personal illness, family illness, childcare, and an honest concern for their own health. This leaves the manufacturers with a need […]

Top 5 Things We Have Learned from Training Over 10k Maintenance Technicians, Maintenance Managers, Production Managers, and Production Operators

1. If you do not train employees on their specific job, they will establish their own behavior and standards. We always start with a Job Analysis to define the critical tasks of a job and then develop training to target the skills necessary to support those tasks. This step is important because it clarifies the […]