Online Food Manufacturer Entrance Exam

As President Trump orders meat processing plants to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis, the question is:  

Where will the staffing come from to support these plants?

Current challenges for the existing employees include personal illness, family illness, childcare, and an honest concern for their own health. This leaves the manufacturers with a need for labor and leads to the question of how the manufacturers can identify candidates that will be able to master the skills of the position quickly.

Multi-Skill Training Services has a 30-year history in Industrial training.  Based on those years of experience, they have put together a food manufacturer operator entrance exam to assist manufacturers with identifying the candidates that already have a basic knowledge of food processing plant requirements.

This entrance test can be easily administered online during the interview process in under 30 minutes, with results returned immediately upon completion of the test, allowing the manufacturer to make an offer before the candidate exits the interview.

For more information, or to see a sample entrance exam, email us at

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