Equipment Operator Training

Imagine this: your manufacturing company anticipates and looks forward to the day when they can purchase a new piece of production equipment or even implement a new production line.  The excitement and anticipation build much like a child on Christmas morning who waits to open his gifts under the tree. Then that magical day finally comes, and the new shiny machine or production line is delivered to the plant.

All your employees can think about is getting this shiny new machine or production line set up and running as quickly as possible in order to increase productivity.  However, what gets overlooked in the process is the lack of qualified machine operator training to use this new piece of equipment or assembly line safely and efficiently.  In addition, you worry about who is going to train the operators?

Perhaps your company isn’t waiting for a new piece of equipment or assembly line to arrive at the plant, but they simply can’t seem to get their current equipment or assembly lines running effectively and efficiently.  So, what is most likely the root cause of this problem?  

In most cases, the problem can be related to a lack of equipment operator training!Without proper operator training on the equipment, your productivity decreases, excessive equipment downtime increases, product quality suffers, and more importantly, lack of safety training can lead to dire circumstances or serious personal injuries.  No company wants to face any of these issues. Let’s look at why it’s so important to implement the correct equipment operator training for you and your employees:

Benefits of implementing proper equipment operator training:

  • Serious operator injuries are decreased, and employees are kept safe.
  • Operators learn how to lockout/tagout the equipment properly.
  • Operators learn how to operate equipment/machines at high efficiencies.
  • Set-up and changeover downtimes are reduced.
  • Unscheduled downtime due to operator errors is reduced.
  • Product quality is increased.
  • Productivity is increased and the amount of scrap is decreased. 
  • Operators learn the functions of all the buttons, levers, and control screens on the equipment.
  • Maintenance calls decrease.
  • Operators learn how to perform basic troubleshooting of equipment.
  • Operators learn how to disassemble and assemble machine for sanitation.
  • Operators have the opportunity to cross-train on different pieces of equipment.

These are just a few of the many benefits your operators will acquire by completing our MST Services Machinery-Specific Operator Training program.  The Machinery-Specific Training programs are custom built for each individual client and are based on a company’s specific machinery or assembly line training needs.  MST Services performs this training at the client’s facility and includes both classroom training and shop floor hands-on training.  

To learn more about MST Services “Machinery-Specific Operator Training” program and other industrial maintenance training programs we offer, you can request a quote or simply contact us!

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