Hiring Employees: Is your Process Valid? 7 questions that lead to an answer

Employment decisions can be beneficial
or regretful. It is common knowledge that a plant is only as good as its employees who are stakeholders in daily operations. The following 7 questions can serve as guides to validate and improve your hiring/firing processes. Moreover, these questions are as critical to productivity as insurance is to liability

Question 1: Do you assess or test potential employees?
Question 2: Are your assessments up-to-date?
Question 3: What skills must potential employees possess?
Question 4: What are the steps utilized for promotion?
Question 5: How are employees transferred from departments?
Question 6: Do your demotion policies need revision?
Question 7: Are your layoff/termination procedures grounded in and compliant with the EEOC?

Auditing the validity of the hiring/firing process is time well-spent. If hiring or placement assessments are appropriate and up-to-date, the likelihood of hiring skilled employees is increased. Specific jobs require specific skills. If a prospective employee possesses the potential for growth but lacks one or more required skills, this does not mean he or she should not be hired. Asking the right questions and having appropriate training policies in place can help you avoid losing the opportunity of hiring a quality employee.

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